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Welcome to Marshall's Marble

                                                  Repair  re-cut  re-use   

Sometimes chips occur on the polished edges, around polished bowls and drainer grooves when hit with cups, pans etc. With specialist colour specific resins and years of experience, Marshall’s Marble can deal with any repairs needed

When accidents happen it may seem like it's time to throw it away? Marble is very versatile

and can be restored to a better condition than at time of break

Maybe you have material left over from a recent project and would like to use in your property?

Need to install an over-mounted sink into an existing bathroom surface? That can be done even if it’s on top of a building in the middle of London!

York stone fireplaces when moved can chip on the bottom of the legs and connecting edges due to it's soft composition.

With specific colour resins, specialist tools and tested technique's it can be faded into the pattern of the stone

You’ve recently extended or changed the layout of your kitchen and have perfectly good stone that had been used in your kitchen before and would like to re-use in the new layout of the room. Our onsite service could be something you may be interested in? We can alternate your old material onsite usually the same day and also install to the new layout. On certain occasions some pieces may need to be fabricated in the workshop if a particular process is needed. Most works can be done onsite, for example curved corners, internal cuts and polishing, hob cut outs, bowl cut-outs and re-polishing, drainer grooves, re cut joints and tap holes

Are your worktops or vanity sink looking dull and has lost it sparkle? We have the tools and products to return it to it's former shine. Has the silicone started to fail around the up-stands or started to change colour? This can be replaced and brought back to life as if it had just been installed

Online is a great place to find a bargain and buying cut to length granite or quartz can be cost effective. But what if you need to cut to a specific length or in need of a hob cut out or bonding together? Contact Marshall’s Marble to get the job done

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